Bill Brown

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As soon as we began selling scales in earnest in mid-1991, and the design began to stabilize, it became instantly clear that we needed some expertise in dealing with distributors.  We found Bill Brown, who had held marketing jobs at IBM and Honeywell, for this post which we titled Director of Sales and Marketing. He continued until his retirement in 2000.  Since he was our "suit", many distributors actually believed that he owned the company!  At one point, Bill's son Tim joined us for a stint in Production.

Richard Becker of Kassoy with Bill.  This image is rather special because of its similarity to the movie A Stranger Among Us which tangentially featured our Gemscale 50!

Bill at his desk, flanked by notebooks of distributor's ravings

When Steve retired, we rented the Totem, a boat plying amusements up and down the Charles which we had watched for years.  Bill was in Hong Kong at the time, so he missed it.  And Bill's abhorrence of "foreign" food was legendary.  Hence the "Eat your heart out, Bill!"

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