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hiya! i know it's been for*ever* since i last posted... i'm not lurking, i just haven't had much time to actually say something. *g* but here i am, just the same.

firstly, everybody have a happy new year! remember to say "rabbitrabbitrabbit" first thing in the morning on January 1st. not only is it rabbit day [1], but it's the first rabbit day of a brand new bunch of ways to record time. : D

secondly, I'll be at the NYD show in buffalo tomorrow... i finally got pictures up on FHDC, so if anybody ever for any reason wants to talk to me.... look for me! I'll more than likely be with none other than the pimp, Mr. Andy World himself, so... look for the guy with long hair who can out-pimp Murray. :) Andy should have at least three girls with him, so, look for us all. we don't bite!

thirdly... i dunno. everybody be safe and happy.

~Maggie "i think my whore is dead" [2] - Chris Kattan, SNL sketch

1: saying rabbit^3 on the first of the month gives you good luck for the remainder of that month, as told to me by Mrs. Smith, a fantabulous English teacher

2: i'm sorry for all the pimp/whore talk... i'm really not like this.... it just happened to be a running theme tonight... i apologize

- Tim on 12/31/1999

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